TÖMER Turkish Course

TÖMER Turkish Course

TÖMER Turkish course is a course for those interested in learning Turkish in a foreign language. It is a certificate program for people who are interested in studying in Turkey, getting a residence permit, applying for jobs in Turkey, and learning Turkish in a well-organized and competent way. This certificate program provides a formal certificate which can be used to formally prove the participant’s Turkish proficiency.

The course attendees of Antalya Turkish Course will first take a Turkish Proficiency Exam to determine their Turkish level. Then they will be placed in groups based on their current proficiency in Turkish and start their classes. The participants who are already proficient in Turkish and only need a certificate can also get a Turkish Proficiency Certificate by joining our Turkish Proficiency Exam. Most public, business and educational institutions in Turkey require certain levels of linguistic skill. For example, a C1 Turkish proficiency level is required to study in most Universities in Turkey. B1 or B2 Turkish proficiency levels are usually sufficient for job applications.

In our Turkish for foreign students course, A student certificate will be provided to the course attendees to get a residential permit during the study period.

Our Turkish courses generally focus on four linguistic skills:
  •   Comprehension (Listening – Reading) Skills
  •   Speaking (Conversation – Dialogue) Skills
  •   Writing (Typing) Skills
  •   Grammar Skills

You can learn Turkish and become proficient in a very short time by joining the best language school in Antalya. aYou can join the best classes for your level to improve yourself. cYou can also take our private Turkish lessons. You can get a TÖMER international accreditation certificate. In addition, you can get your education in the school of your desire. In short, you can prove your proficiency in Turkish formally by attending our course.

 Antalya Tömer contact information: 0530 975 81 08

 Best Language School in Antalya

 We are in collaboration with Ankara University Tömer. You can get Ankara University Tömer certificate at the end of the course duration.

 Because the language learning process requires a correct and high-quality understanding of education, we choose our instructors meticulously. Our instructors are chosen from eligible people whose vision is to keep the students excited and interested in the subject, who like teaching and who have great communication skills.

You will see how easy and fun it is to learn a new language from positive teachers who love their job. We provide the best Turkish lessons with our extensive course content and quality documents. We teach in private classrooms of six students from all age groups. You will not feel lost in a crowded group. It is possible to take private lessons. You will take Turkish lessons with a syllabus professionally and scientifically proven by European Language Standards. Learning Turkish as a foreign language will open the doors to many new opportunities. In addition, you can join our free Turkish-speaking clubs to practice and improve your speaking.

 Turkish Language Course Scientificity

  Turkish, like all the other languages in the world, is a constantly growing and improving language which shows differences between regions. Learning about Turkish and Anatolian cultures will have many advantages while learning Turkish as a foreign language. The activities and speaking clubs we organise during the course period help the students learn about the cultural interactions the behavioural patterns in the Turkish language, providing a more productive education period.

  It is very important to us to make sure our students complete the course satisfactorily and become proficient in the Turkish language because our students who finish our course are like ambassadors representing our country. This is why we provide the best language classes in Antalya.

 Antalya Tömer General Turkish Course

 The General Turkish course consists of 5 levels. You can join our Turkish classes starting from level A1 to level C1.

 Our Antalya Tömer Turkish for Foreigners classes are offered to you with the collaboration of the Ankara University Tömer unit. We give you an internationally accredited Tomer certificate confirmed by Ankara University Tömer. We also provide a student certificate required for a student residence permit for foreigners. You can find the details in Ankara University Tömer.

 Antalya Advantages of Turkish Education for Foreigners

Tömer Turkish courses provide professional Turkish classes for foreigners with teaching methods approved by the Turkish Teaching. Application and Research Center and European Language Standards procedures. We specifically focus on speaking and fluency in the language while offering you the highest-quality foreign language classes in Antalya. You will learn to speak Turkish fluently and correctly in our courses.

We are against suffocating our students with grammar-heavy lessons and offer you a way more efficient. Active and entertaining way of learning the Turkish language instead. All languages have their own unique dynamics and need to be learned correctly with the right methods. Learning cultural and behavioural patterns are important to learning a language. Ignoring these very important elements will only complicate the language learning process. We offer you the most professional and efficient way of language learning. We are one phone call away! Feel welcome to call and visit us to discuss the details of your language-learning adventure over a cup of coffee. You will rediscover the joy of learning with our language classes.

 TÖMER Antalya Phone: 0530 975 81 08

 Tömer Language Course Application

 You can apply to Tömer language courses in our Tömer Antalya branch office. You can apply with your identity card, driving license or passport. The registration will be made in our   Tömer branch office. There are no prerequisites for the application.

Can I take online Turkish classes?

Yes, we offer online courses too. You can choose to join our classes in our classrooms in Antalya. or choose to join our online classes.

 Is Tömer Turkish certificate valid in government agencies?

Yes, Tömer Turkish language course certificate is valid in all formal and government agencies. It is also suitable for the requirements of the private sector.

 Can I apply to the Turkish for Foreign Speakers course online?

Yes, you can apply online.

 How long is the Tomer Turkish course for foreigners course?

Turkish for foreigners course consists of different levels. Each level has a different education duration. The courses take approximately 2-3 months.

 Can I pay for the classes in parts?

We offer ease of payment in our Turkish learning for the foreigners certificate program. You can pay for the classes in parts after the initial registration fee.

 How many days does it take to get a Tömer certificate?

The students take a Turkish proficiency exam after they complete our Turkish classes. Those who pass the exam qualify to get their Turkish Certificate. Turkish for foreigners certificate is delivered in approximately 3 days.

 Do you give student certificates to foreigners?

Yes, all our students receive a student certificate they can use throughout the course duration.

TÖMER Turkish Course

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  1. Turkish course – for beginners (zero level) / Akademik Takvimi

    where can I see the Akademik takvimi for the turkish course in 2023 (0 level)

    Thank you

      1. Hello! Is turkish course free? If not how much is it? Is there a place for 1 person now? Thank you!

  2. Hi
    I am interested in your Turkish course at intermediate or advanced level.
    Do you have a course which will start soon.
    I am already in Antalya.

  3. Prices and programs for the intensive turkish classes please – in person.
    reply in my email I cannot make the call.

  4. Merhaba,
    bir buçuk sene önce B2.1 kursa katıldım. Ekim ayının ortasından Ocak ayına kadar biraz boş vaktim var. Bu süre zarfında B2 ya da C1 kurs var mı sizde? Bana takvimi gönderir misiniz lütfen?
    Teşekkür ederim.

  5. how much is cost of living per month near tomer institute or is there a dorm or hostel? also what is the cost of food for one person per month? how soon is beginner level starting?

  6. Hi!

    Do you have turkish beginners education in the summer? For kids aged 7-10?
    Could you please contact me on my email?

    Kind regards

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